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Holding Power to Account – A Global Strategy Against Corruption 2021-2030

In the years leading up to 2030, Transparency International is dedicated to leading the global fight against corruption.

Holding Power to Account – A Global Strategy Against Corruption 2021-2030 sets out how our diverse Movement – comprised of independent national chapters and affiliates in over 100 countries and the international Secretariat – aims to contribute to a more positive future; a world in which power is held to account, for the common good.

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The world we face

The last two decades have seen some success in fighting corruption. But while the future also holds opportunities, it presents unprecedented challenges.


Illustration depicting challenges for advancing integrity, transparency and accountability in years leading up to 2030
  • Socioeconomic inequalities
  • State fragility
  • COVID-19 recession
  • Climate crisis
  • Technological disruption
  • Populism & low institutional trust
  • Weakened rule of law
  • Deteriorating multilateralism
  • Shrinking civic space


Illustration depicting key opportunities for fighting corruption in years leading up to 2030
  • Greater awareness of corruption & its impacts
  • Growth in anti-corruption laws & reforms
  • Increased political participation
  • Technological advances
  • Greater demand for social justice
Corrupt decision-making – whether in government, business, nationally or internationally – underpins the world’s greatest injustices. It deprives citizens of the rights and opportunities they need and deserve, and feeds further injustice by eroding the institutions meant to protect them.
Delia Ferreira Rubio and Rueben Lifuka Transparency International’s Chair and Vice Chair

The world we need

To confront the challenges and seize opportunities, Transparency International has a clear, positive aim for the decade to 2030.

We seek more than to prevent and sanction those entrusted with power whose constantly changing behaviour runs contrary to the common good. Faced with new contexts, forms and mechanisms of corruption, we want a world in which power is held to account, for the common good.

Illustration depicting Transparency International's aim towards 2030: Power is held to account for the common good

What kind of 'power'?

Our aim refers to all forms of power – not only public or governmental power, but private power held by business or not-for-profit institutions, and powerholders at all levels, from local decision-makers to world leaders.

What's the 'common good'?

The common good, to us, means the outcomes set by the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals that serve humanity, as a whole, and for the long term, including by protecting human rights, advancing social justice and leaving no one behind.

Our goals

Illustration depicting goal #1, advance checks and balances, under Transparency International's 2030 Strategy

1. Checks and balances

Advance institutional checks and balances against concentration of power

Illustration depicting goal #2, accelerate enforcement of anti-corruption standards, under Transparency International's 2030 Strategy

2. Enforcement

Accelerate the enforcement of anti-corruption standards for accountability

Illustration depicting goal #3, activate social oversight, under Transparency International's 2030 Strategy

3. Social oversight

Activate social oversight to protect the common good

Our objectives

1. Protect the public’s resources

  • Maximum openness, transparency and responsiveness in public contracting
  • More effective prevention and exposure of public sector bribery, theft and abuse of power
Illustration depicting objective #1, protect the public's resources, under Transparency International's 2030 Strategy

2. Stop flows of dirty money

  • Disabled systems for secret payments and concealment of assets
  • Increased accountability for corruption-enabling networks and gatekeepers
Illustration depicting objective #2, stop flows of dirty money, under Transparency International's 2030 Strategy

3. Secure integrity in politics

  • Removal of undue influence from elections and political appointments
  • Greater transparency, accountability and equity in influence over public decision-making
Illustration depicting objective #3, secure integrity in politics, under Transparency International's 2030 Strategy

4. Drive integrity in business

  • A critical mass of business leadership fulfilling strong integrity commitments
  • More effective exposure and punishment of corrupt business
Illustration depicting objective #4,drive integrity in business, under Transparency International's 2030 Strategy

5. Pursue enforcement and justice

  • Strengthened independence, capacity and will to act for integrity institutions
  • Greater equity, consistency and removal of bias in corruption prosecutions and judicial outcomes
  • An effective international anti-corruption enforcement framework
Illustration depicting objective #5, pursue enforcement and justice, under Transparency International's 2030 Strategy

6. Expand civic space for accountability

  • Enhanced freedom and security for activists, whistleblowers and journalists to challenge abuse of power
  • Increased channels for people to demand results for the common good
Illustration depicting objective #6, expand civic space for accountability, under Transparency International's 2030 Strategy

7. Build community leadership against corruption

  • Strengthened public discourse based on deeper understanding and acceptance of accountability values
  • A next generation of civic, public and business leaders better equipped to fight corruption
Illustration depicting objective #7, build community leadership against corruption, under Transparency International's 2030 Strategy

Global call to action

With Holding Power to Account – A Global Strategy Against Corruption 2021-2030, Transparency International calls on governments, businesses and civil society to help build or strengthen (1) values and awareness, (2) freedoms and institutions and (3) actions.

One woman and one man wearing suits are making a speech in front of an official building


  • Respect checks & balances to prevent concentrations of power
  • Create tools & systems for equitable, inclusive community participation
  • Collaborate across borders to advance the common good
Businesses strategy


  • Commit to responsible & accountable conduct
  • Correct behaviours that undermine social justice
  • Support regulatory efforts for businesses to serve the common good
People strategy


  • Seek to understand how corruption affects you
  • Use the available tools to have a say in decisions & policies made on your behalf
  • Speak up & organise to hold power to account for the common good

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