LatestMedia Advisory: Corruption Perceptions Index to be launched on 25 January 2017
Trump’s gold-plated son-in-law and other potential conflicts of interest in the White House


European citizens want to speak up – but fear the consequences

To stop corruption and other types of wrongdoing we need to ensure that whistleblowers get the appropriate protection and support!

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Our year fighting corruption

We look back at some of the ways Transparency International challenged corruption in 2016.

International Anti-Corruption Day 2016

9 December, is Anti-corruption Day and people throughout the world are taking action! Take part now!

Declaración de Panamá: Es tiempo de justicia, equidad, seguridad y confianza

Más de 1.600 personas de 130 países se reunieron en la ciudad de Panamá con un mensaje común: ahora es tiempo de justicia, equidad, seguridad y confianza.

TI and TI-UK holding joint workshop at OGP Summit in Paris

Transparency International Secretariat together with Transparency International UK are holding a joint workshop at the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Summit in Paris.

The time for justice, equity, security and trust is now

The 17th IACC with the theme Time for Justice: Equity, Security, Trust concluded on 4 December in Panama City.

Meet Victor Van Wulfen, Dutch Air Force Pilot and Whistleblower

Victor Van Wulfen, an Air Force Pilot, blew the whistle and faced retribution. He talks about his experience as a whistleblower.

Three ways to fight corruption in the media

We consider 3 ways in which journalism is at risk from corruption & what can be done to stop its influence on our news media.

Governments are doing a poor job at fighting corruption across Europe and Central Asia

In our new report we spoke to nearly 60,000 citizens in Europe and Central Asia about their daily experiences with corruption.

Is it time for South Africa’s president to resign?

A new report on state capture shows how South Africa’s leadership is compromised.

British Virgin Islands: have they cleaned up since the Panama Papers?

Six months after the Panama Papers, how has the territory behind 50 per cent of the scandal’s shell companies reacted?

Stopping corruption in Afghanistan: From Promises to Action

People want change in Afghanistan. They want an end to corruption and a commitment to security. Is that too much to ask?

Transparency International calls on Council of Europe to investigate vote buying allegations

Brazil must continue to prosecute Lava Jato corruption cases and appoint a committed new judge

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