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Who Supports Us

Secure and diverse funding enables Transparency International to undertake its vital work, maintain its independence and reputation, and operate effectively.

We value all contributions to our work and would like to express our sincere gratitude to the institutions, companies and generous individuals who supported the Transparency International secretariat in 2019.

How we’re funded

We receive funding from a range of donors, including government agencies, multilateral institutions, foundations, the private sector and individuals. Funding may be unrestricted or tied to specific projects or programmes.

It is our policy to accept funding – whether monetary or in kind – from any donor, provided that acceptance does not impair our independence to pursue our mission or endanger our integrity and reputation. For more information, refer to our donations policy.

Who funds us

The income of the secretariat is predominantly provided by institutional donors, with government agencies and multilateral donors contributing - per cent of the funds for 2019.

Government donors at a glance

Among government agencies, European countries provide – per cent of funding, up from 74 per cent in 2018, largely due to the increased contribution of the United Kingdom. Funding from governments in the Americas… to – pre cent (2018: 19 per cent). Governments from Asia and the Pacific contribute – per cent of the income this year (2018: 7 per cent). Individual donors and coalition partners remain relatively small funding streams.

Transparency International and BMZ strategic partnership to fight corruption

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Full list of donors

It is our policy to list all donations over €1,000 and publicly disclose these. Below is a list of donors that supported the secretariat (including Transparency International EU, Friends of Transparency International and the International Anti-Corruption Conference) with contributions exceeding €1,000 in 2019.

Further information is available in our audited financial reports.

Government agencies

Multilateral institutions

Foundations and Trusts


Other organisations, institutions and coalition partners


Mellennesse Blackbird

Russell K. Broscious Jr.

Rolf Hellenbrand

Søren Fabian Heupel

Johann Peter Jessen

Patrick Kinsch

Giovanna Longo

Nicolas Nemery

Laurenz Reichl

Gregory Thomas

Johannes Wery

Hildegard Wiemer

Joachim Terschlüsen