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From our work with investigative journalists uncovering global financial crimes, to our particapatory documentary partnerships with African communities working to end land corruption, our innovative, donor-funded projects focus on tackling the biggest corruption challenges of our time.

Accountable mining


The Accountable Mining Programme, led by TI Australia, is shining a spotlight on the process of obtaining a mining or exploration permit.

Business Integrity Programme


We work with governments, businesses and in coalitions to drive the anti-corruption agenda in the private sector, globally.

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Global Anti-Corruption Consortium


Features groundbreaking investigative journalism and in-depth reporting and long-term follow-up to ensure policy makes it harder to launder money around the world.

Land corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa


A breakdown of land corruption including country-specific research, analysis, citizen surveys, advocacy materials, and an interactive data visualization map.

Whistleblowing programme


Features our work to improve whistleblower’s protection, including our policy recommendations and our achievements in around the world.


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