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Transparency International Accreditation Policy - National Chapters and Partners

As a global movement, uniting independent and locally governed National Chapters, National Chapters in Formation, Individual Members, National Partners and an International Secretariat, Transparency International will protect and uphold its members’ and partners’:

  • Integrity, cohesion, and reputation; and
  • Diversity and richness of opinions and actions.

The objective of this policy is to ensure that Transparency International has strong, effective and accountable members and partners in its fight against corruption.

Transparency International has the following forms of membership:

National Chapters are accredited according to a set of objective standards in two stages: from national chapter in formation to fully accredited national chapter status. Fully accredited national chapters pass through a review process every three years, aimed at ensuring continuous compliance with our standards and strengthening the work of the chapters.

Under the direction of the TI Board, the Secretariat and the Membership Accreditation Committee run a transparent and collaborative accreditation process to ensure that chapters continue to uphold the values and principles of the movement.

Individual Members are individuals who are the original founding signatories of the TI Charter (see section I below) and are full voting members of TI.

Additionally, Transparency International has the following forms of national or in-country partnership:

National Partners are organisations partnering with the TI Movement to support TI’s goals in, or in relation to, specific countries / territorial entities where there is no National Chapter or National Chapter in Formation, and who are not members of TI.

Campaign Partners are organisations partnering with the TI Movement to support or assist TI’s campaigns but do not have a country-specific role, and who are not Members of TI.