Who supports us

Transparency International receives funding from a number of different sources including governments, foundations, the private sector and individuals.

We value all contributions to our work and would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following institutions, companies and generous individuals who have supported the Transparency International Secretariat in 2018.

It is Transparency International’s policy to list all donations over €1,000 and publicly disclose these. Below is a list of donors that supported the Secretariat (including Transparency International EU, Friends of Transparency International and the International Anti-Corruption Conference) with contributions exceeding €1,000 in 2018. Further information is available in our Audited Financial Reports.

Government agencies

Multilateral institutions

Foundations and Trusts


Other organisations, institutions and coalition partners


Andreas Ehrencrona, Carlos Palacios, Giovanna Longo, Irene Staehelin, Johann Peter Jessen, Johannes Wery, Laurenz Reichl, Patrick Kinsch, Poul Martin Rasmussen, Rolf Hellenbrand, Sebastian Hoogenberk, Soren Fabian Heupel, Ulrich Rückert