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Our Work In Tunisia

I Watch – Tunisia

17 Rue Fatma El Fehria
1082 Mutuelle Ville, El Menzah, Tunis

+216 71 844 226
+216 71 845 118

Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre in Tunisia

We have an ALAC in Tunisia that can be contacted to report corruption.
ALACs provide free and confidential legal advice and allow people to safely report corruption.

Corruption Perceptions Index

Scoring 180 countries around the world, the Corruption Perceptions Index is the leading global indicator of public sector corruption.

Tunisia has a score of 40 this year, with a change of 0 since last year, meaning it ranks 87 out of 180 countries.

Find out about key corruption issues in Tunisia in CPI 2023 for Middle East & North Africa: Dysfunctional approach to fighting corruption undermines progress

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Score change

Global Corruption Barometer

Since its debut in 2003, the Global Corruption Barometer has surveyed the experiences of everyday people confronting corruption around the world. Through our barometer, tens of thousands of people around the globe are asked about their views and experiences, making it the only worldwide public opinion survey on corruption.

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Percentage of people who thought corruption increased in the previous 12 months*


Percentage of public service users paid a bribe in the previous 12 months*

*Since the most recent publication of the GCB - Middle East and North Africa - 10th Edition 2019

Our activity in Tunisia

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Whistleblowing programme


Features our work to improve whistleblower’s protection, including our policy recommendations and our achievements in around the world.


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