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TI Arab Region chapters condemn arbitrary arrest in Occupied Palestinian Territories

Transparency International's national chapters in the Arab region are united in expressing their solidarity following the arrest and arbitrary detention by the Israeli military of the Law university student, Saleh Majdi Abu Zaid, son of our colleague Majdi Abu Zaid, Executive Director of the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity – AMAN, Transparency International’s chapter in Palestine.

Following his arrest at an Israeli military checkpoint in the Occupied West Bank, Salih Majdi Abu Zaid has been held for over ten days without charge and without access to a lawyer. His family have received no information regarding his arrest while he was returning from a picnic with friends, and have no access to him.

We call for his immediate release, as well as the release of all who are illegally detained without
charge and without access to a fair trial because of their refusal and resistance to occupation.

Saleh Majdi Abu Zaid’s arrest is only one of approximately seven thousand similar cases of the use of arbitrary arrest and detention in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. These are conducted without fair or transparent procedures, and in breach of international laws and standards related to human rights and legal process.

We condemn the use of such measure to restrict freedom of expression and the
legitimate activities of civil society in Palestine.

  • Bahrain Transparency Association - Bahrain
  • Rasheed for Transparency and Integrity - Jordan
  • Kuwait Transparency Association - Kuwait
  • Lebanese Transparency Association - Lebanon
  • Transparency Maroc - Morocco
  • I Watch Organisation - Tunisia