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41 / 100

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Europe and Central Asia: More civil engagement needed (Part II)

As follow-up to the regional analysis of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, additional examples from Albania, Kosovo and Georgia highlight the need for more progress in anti-corruption efforts in these countries and across the region.

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Serbia: overview of political corruption

Europe and Central Asia: more civil engagement needed (Part I)

In 2017, authoritarianism rose across Eastern and South East Europe, hindering anti-corruption efforts and threatening civil liberties. Across the region, civil society organisations and independent media experienced challenges in their ability to monitor and criticise decision-makers

Fighting Corruption in the Western Balkans and Turkey: Priorities for Reform

Fighting corruption is failing in EU accession countries in the Western Balkans and Turkey

Serbia: Hopefully a new government renews the fight against corruption

Despite the front runner's anti-corruption credentials, deeper reforms are needed for Serbia to overcome entrenched corruption.

Lack of public trust in political parties undermining democracy in the Balkans

Buying influence: Money and elections in the Balkans

Political party finance has been a focal point for anti-corruption reforms in the Western Balkans. Is the clean-up working?

Buying influence: Money and elections in the Balkans

Report launch: Corruption risks in Croatian, Balkan election financing

Shining a light on political party financing: Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia and Serbia 2011

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