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Promoting active citizen engagement to fight against corruption in south-eastern Europe (ACE)

The goal of this project – running from July 2022 until June 2024 - is to enable rights holders and duty bearers in BiH, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia to participate in the fight against corruption and work towards improving the quality of democratic governance in Southeast Europe.

To produce this change, the project will apply a two-folded approach:

  1. Targeting civil society to enable them to pursue their rights and to reject corruption through Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres (ALACs) and,
  2. Supporting advocacy actions oriented towards duty bearers to strengthen institutional frameworks that fight corruption.

With an empowered citizenry and civil society-led advocacy, a stronger impact can be produced to advance the fight against corruption in South-eastern Europe.


  • Empower victims and witnesses of corruption to report and recoup losses;
  • Advocate for systemic improvements, including legal, administrative and institutional changes to curb corruption;
  • Strengthen the ability and willingness of institutions to receive and act upon corruption-related complaints and prevent corruption;
  • Provide exceptional guidance to ALAC clients, while improving capture and communication of impact.