People’s stories from around the world

Climate governance - Millions of lives worldwide depend on the response to climate change – be it in the Maldives, in Peru or in Zimbabwe. These stories prove that communities and civil society can improve transparency and act against climate change.

Clean finance for a clean planet

Climate governance - If corruption seeps into the billions of dollars meant to tackle climate change, we threaten our future. After the 2015 Paris Agreement, the read hard work begins.

2011-2015: Making sure climate money gets to where it’s needed

Climate governance - If money that’s meant to halt global warming and guard against extreme weather is lost to corruption, we’re all in serious trouble. That’s why we’re asking people to help us monitor climate finance in their countries, and working around the world to develop practical safeguards against ...

2011-2015: Is carbon finance fair and effective?

Climate governance - Deforestation is a leading cause of global warming. REDD+ is a UN scheme to keep forests intact, but the large sums of money involved mean corruption is an ever-present threat. We're working to identify and mitigate corruption risks to help ensure that REDD+ can deliver on its promise to reduce ...

Welcome to the Climate Finance Integrity Programme

Corruption damages efforts to halt climate change and to protect us from its effects. Find out how we’re tackling corruption in climate governance globally.

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