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EU Court of Justice delivers blow to beneficial ownership transparency

The fight against cross-border corruption set back by years

Update: On 25 November, we published more extensive analysis of the ruling. See: Why are EU public registers going offline, and what's next for corporate transparency? In a decision published today,…

G20 offers carte blanche to kleptocrats at Bali summit

By abandoning their responsibility to tackle dirty money, G20 is losing any remaining credibility on anti-corruption

On Wednesday, the G20 wrapped up the 2022 leaders’ summit in Bali under the Indonesian presidency. After a divisive year, the members managed to produce their first joint communiqué since last…

G20 Bali summit: Leaders cannot continue to ignore kleptocracy

Transparency International billboard calling on G20 leaders to stop kleptocrats blocked after year of inaction on cross-border corruption

As G20 members arrive in Bali for the leaders’ summit, Transparency International is calling on them to confront cross-border corruption and unite against the threat of kleptocracy. The organisation…

Exporting Corruption 2022: Enforcement against foreign bribery hits historic low

Report finds only two of 47 top exporting countries actively enforce against cross-border bribery

Countries’ enforcement against foreign bribery has dropped to its lowest level since Transparency International began this measurement in 2009, according to a new report on 47 of the world’s biggest…


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