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Transparency International deeply concerned for its chapter in Palestine

Transparency International is deeply concerned about recent reports of a planned Israeli ground offensive in Rafah, which was, until recently, one of the very few remaining safer locations in Gaza. We are particularly concerned about the potential impact on the safety of our colleagues from the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity – AMAN, Transparency International’s chapter in Palestine, who are currently in the Rafah area.

Over the last four months, the AMAN office in Gaza has been heavily damaged. Several of our colleagues have been internally displaced and have had family members killed. AMAN staff members and their families are deprived of adequate medical care, and there are concerns about malnutrition among their underage children. New attacks would threaten their chances of survival.

We continue to demand an immediate and definitive ceasefire, unfettered passage of humanitarian aid, the release of the hostages and the start of peace talks.

François Valérian, Chair of Transparency International, said:

"Our chapter in Palestine is dramatically hit by military operations and a conflict which have already caused tens of thousands of deaths and immense suffering for millions of displaced people who live in a state of permanent emergency. The cycle of violence must end now.”

Ketakandriana Rafitoson, Vice-Chair of Transparency International, said:

“Countless lives have been lost and devastated. Another offensive will perpetuate this cycle of violence, resulting in further devastating consequences. The toll among civilians, humanitarian aid workers and journalists is already unbearable. This must stop now.”

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