Real Lives, Real Stories: The Power of Information in Asia Pacific

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Report published 26 September 2019
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Freedom of information is not only a human right, but an important tool to engage and empower citizens. It allows them to demand accountability from governments and fight corruption.

In this publication, we focus on the people who make right to information laws come to life, and who use them as tools to fight corruption. In the following pages, you will find the stories of citizens from 10 countries across the Asia Pacific region who have used their right to information to demand accountability from their governments.

From uncovering wrongdoing in Bangladesh and Mongolia, to ensuring that citizens get the services they need in Cambodia and Sri Lanka, and from holding politicians to account in the Maldives to ensuring that governments share key guidance and statistics in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, these stories show the difference access to information can make.

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True stories

Unfair dismissal

To his surprise, the request was abruptly refused. Despite having submitted the official fees, Patrick was told that he would have to pay more if he ...Read the story

Finding the way home

Back in the 1970s, Ziad had a home and a livelihood. Then the civil war came.Read the story