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Promoting Revenue Transparency: 2011 report on oil and gas companies

The Promoting Revenue Transparency: 2011 Report on Oil and Gas Companies, published by Transparency International in partnership with Revenue Watch, ...

Report published – Mar 2011

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Promoting Revenue Transparency: 2008 report on revenue transparency of oil and gas companies

A majority of leading oil and gas companies are far from transparent when it comes to the payments they make to resource-rich countries, leaving the ...

Report published – Apr 2008

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Questioning of Brazilian ex-President Lula in Petrobras scandal shows no one is above the law

Transparency International welcomed news Brazilian authorities are taking their investigation of the Petrobras corruption scandal to the highest ...

Newly proposed SEC rules should make US listed extractive companies more transparent

US Securities and Exchange Commission proposed new rules requiring public disclosure of resource extraction companies.

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Policy Position 05/2011: Achieving greater disclosure in the oil and gas industry

Natural resources can bring considerable amounts of wealth to a country. But transparency must be present for these riches to benefit citizens. ...

Policy position published – May 2011

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Working Paper No. 02/2009 Corruption in the MENA region

The characteristics of the area of the Middle East and North Africa known as the MENA region tend to fuel corruption and result in low levels of ...

Working paper published – Feb 2009