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Anti-Corruption Toolkits for Business

Prevent corruption through our research-based findings and grow your business.

It’s proven that corruption and bribery is bad for business. In certain contexts, corruption is even the single most important determinant of investment growth. We support companies worldwide to develop anti-corruption systems, which can help prevent corruption and boost business. Here are resources to use to make anti-corruption a key part of your business strategy.

  1. Commit to an anti-corruption programme 'From the top'
  2. Assess the current status and risk environment
  3. Plan the anti-corruption programme
  4. Act on the plan
  5. Monitor controls and progress
  6. Report internally and externally on the programme

Step 1: Commit to an Anti-Corruption Programme 'From the Top'

Step 2: Assess the Current Status and Risk Environment

Step 3: Plan the Anti-Corruption Programme

Step 4: Act on the Plan

Step 5: Monitor Controls and Progress

Step 6: Report Internally and Externally on the Programme

Transparency International may work with individual companies or a group of private sector participants to establish a plan of action.

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State-Owned Enterprise Healthcheck

Publication •

The State-Owned Enterprise Healthcheck is a self-assessment tool to assist SOEs to appraise and improve their anti-corruption policies and procedures using the SOE principles.


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