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Are Women Easy Targets for Bribery?

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To shed light on the extent to which corruption in the Asia Pacific is gendered, Transparency International organised focus group discussions with a number of women.

15 ways young people can fight corruption

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On International Youth Day, we celebrate youth around the globe and their power to help shape a fairer and more just world. For those who want to join us, here are 15 great ideas…

Video and fine arts competition 2023

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Transparency International is calling on young people across the globe to join the anti-corruption movement by submitting a video or an artwork on new ways to fight corruption.

A composite illustration showing the world map with dirty money hotspots highlighted; various elements include: a yacht, public official hiding his identity, a banker leaning against a washing machine, a mansion and an activist

CPI 2022: Trouble at the top

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While 2022 has seen some progress, advanced economies are still not pulling their weight in the fight against cross-border corruption.


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