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Fighting corruption around the world in five videos

As the fight against corruption becomes more mobile and technology-driven, members of the Transparency International movement are using online video to raise awareness about bribery and abuse of power, and the ways to take action against it.

From flash mobs and dance moves, to full-length feature films, these videos capture the creativity and energy that goes into fighting corruption. Below are a few of our favourites, but you can find many more on our YouTube channel.

Hungary – Flash mob for festival-goers

At a summer music festival Transparency International Hungary performed its very own anti-corruption dance routine, which fans were urged to learn ahead of time through this demonstration video. At the event these young corruption fighters cartwheeled and somersaulted across the stage, urging festival-goers supporting a clean public sector to join in.

Indonesia – Honesty starts at home

The full-length feature film, Sebelum Pagi Terulang Kembali (Before the Morning After), was produced by Transparency International Indonesia and explores abuse of power through the lives of family members including a civil servant, private contractor and politician. The intricate relationships within this family unit help show how corruption always starts at home.

“Film is the most effective media to get the message across and to invite [viewers] to reflect on the phenomenon,” says Dadang Trisasongko, Transparency International Indonesia’s executive director.

Panama – A corruption-tainted future

In this video our team in Panama, Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Libertad Ciudadana, demonstrates how corruption is infiltrating different layers of society, threatening the integrity of future generations. As viewers are taken through various scenarios involving bribery, children carrying the national flag look on with disapproving eyes.

South Africa – This country’s not for sale

Whether it’s bribing a traffic officer or having to pay for a service that should be free, this video from our partners in South Africa, Corruption Watch, reveals the many different facets of corruption in the country. With statements like “If we stand for nothing, we’ll pay for everything”, the Corruption Watch staff (who are the stars of the production) urge us to think about the ultimate cost of paying a bribe.

Tunisia – Caught red-handed

Tunisia’s youth are tired of bribery and nepotism, and call for change in their country – that’s the message in this hip-hop production from I Watch, our partners there. As they walk the streets of Tunis, the young men and women from this watchdog organisation repeat the saying Billkamcha, which means "caught red-handed".

To see more of our anti-corruption videos from around the world, visit our YouTube page.

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