Mustapha Adib: Air Force Captain - Morocco (Integrity Award)

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Received the Award on 29 September 2000

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"The military hierarchy has tainted the image of the Moroccan justice system."
Mustapha Adib, TI Integrity Awards winner 2000

A Moroccan army captain, who served a two and a half year prison term after he exposed an oil-and-supplies scam in the Moroccan military, Captain Mustapha Adib's only crime seems to have been his complaints to the foreign press, Le Monde and Agence France Presse.

Adib was freed from the Sale prison in May 2002. TI recognised the young captain's courage by honouring him with the first TI Integrity Award in 2000. It was not until TI's Annual General Meeting in Morocco in October 2002 that he was finally able to receive his prize. Today, as a free man, he is still battling for justice for whistle-blowers: "The fear of losing your job, getting cut off from society, and having to rebuild your life from scratch may lead you to think twice about speaking up," he says.

Country / Territory - Morocco   
Language(s) - English   
Topic - Whistleblowing   
Tags - Military   |   Sale prison   |   Moroccan justice   

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