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Annual Report 2022

For Transparency International, 2022 was a year of creating vital, lasting change around the world. We are a global movement with more than 100 independent national chapters and partners working together to tackle corruption. We tirelessly promote transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels, and across all sectors of society.

This year we:

  • closed in on kleptocrats by leading action against cross-border corruption
  • pushed back against corruption in climate action
  • used the world’s best known anti-corruption product to defend human rights
  • supported victims of corruption and helped everyday people create systemic change
  • established our goals for 2026
  • countered wrongdoing in COVID-19 responses
  • tackled autocratic foreign influence

This report showcases the work of the broader movement worldwide, spearheads global and joint advocacy, gathers best practices, conducts world-class research, and provides financial and technical support to our chapters.

90,000 Media articles and broadcast pieces highlighting our movement and emphasising the need to fight corruption to millions around the globe.
200+ Jurisdictions will have to follow new rules on company ownership transparency, including financial centres that have so far been reluctant to fix the gaps in their frameworks.
64 Countries where our Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres (ALACs) provided free, confidential advice to victims and witnesses of corruption.
3,339 Active participants joined the world’s largest independent global forum to fight corruption (IACC) in Washington, D.C. to collectively set the global anti-corruption agenda.
31,000,000+ People reached by worldwide media coverage on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), covering stories on linkages between levels of corruption and democracy.
74 Corruption-related legal submissions made to hold the corrupt accountable.