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Annual Report 2020

2020 was an unprecedented year. The outbreak of COVID-19 required innovation and adaption to new challenges. The work of Transparency International was no exception. The Secretariat and our movement responded with necessary urgency to effectively tackle different and enhanced corruption risks.

To understand the implications of the pandemic on anti-corruption and inform our responses, we quickly generated knowledge. This included a report on anti-corruption strategies for development agencies during COVID-19, and another on what the longer-term impact of the pandemic could be on anticorruption, governance and development.

We held workshops to share knowledge and evaluate programmes that address the pandemic. We also supported specific COVID-19-related anti-corruption work, such as an analysis of how the African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption has been implemented during crises.

The vital role of Transparency International’s Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres (ALACs) was underlined in 2020 by an increase in corruption reports. Our ALACs responded to the limits placed on in-person activities by increasing their digital citizen engagement.

This report provides an overview of Transparency International's activities in 2020. It shows how we worked toward a world in which government, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption.