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Integrity School in Tunisia: apply now

Transparency International is looking for young Arab activists to take the lead in the fight against corruption. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Integrity School will equip a new generation of leaders with the tools to effectively combat corruption and strengthen the values of integrity and transparency.

More than three years on from the tumultuous events of the Arab Spring – where youth captivated the world with their courage to stand up to autocratic regimes and demand real political change – Transparency International will convene the Integrity School in the cradle of Arab revolutions, Tunis, in August 2014.

This engaging course will gather 40 young corruption fighters to learn from leading international anti-corruption professionals and regional experts. It will be comprised of lectures, interactive role-plays and workshops adapted to specific priorities of the region, such as the need to legislate access to information laws.

After attending the MENA School, you will be part of the Transparency International movement working together on anti-corruption campaigns across the region.

Image inviting students to the school

Further, we will guide you to develop your personal project and connect you with our national chapters and partner organisations, which can assist in your plans. This one-week programme provides you with a strong network of committed activists to help implement your ideas in practice.

Transparency International runs several summer schools, such as the one in Vilnius. The School on Integrity initiative has been running since 2010 and many participants from MENA have attended over the years, including Soumaya Belaid. She is a founding member of an exciting youth-led organisation called I Watch Tunisia, who are Transparency International’s local partners in that country working on a diverse portfolio – from electoral monitoring to an online accountability tool for politicians.

The school offers a powerful mix of intensive academic lectures, practical workshops and peer-to-peer exchanges. Drawing from a rich diversity of ideas and approaches, participants from around the Middle East and North Africa will join forces to form a strong coalition to combat corruption.

Soumaya Belaid testimony about school

How to apply

Arab nationals between the ages of 18 and 33 are eligible to apply. The school is open for students and young professionals eager to learn how to take a stand against corruption and call for greater accountability in their countries. Transparency International will cover all costs and will help with a Tunisia visa request, if necessary.

The following are required to complete your application, which can be submitted in Arabic or English to [email protected] :

Application deadline: 1 June 2014

Good luck!


For any press inquiries please contact [email protected]

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