Corruption Perceptions Index 2016


90 / 176

A country's rank indicates its position relative to the other countries in the index. Learn more.


37 / 100

A country or territory’s score indicates the perceived level of public sector corruption on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean). Learn more.

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Asset declarations in Morocco: illicit enrichment and conflicts on interest of public officials

50 million people in the Middle East and North Africa paid bribes last year

Explore the findings of our new report, spanning the experience of almost 11,000 people in nine countries.

Nearly 1 in 3 paid a bribe in Middle East and North Africa in past 12 months

2016 الناس والفساد: دراسة مسحية للشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا

People and corruption: Middle East and North Africa survey 2016

Report Launch: Transparency International to publish Middle East and North Africa corruption poll

Étude sur le Système National D’intégrité Maroc 2014 (Arabic)

Étude sur le Système National D’intégrité Maroc 2014

L’adoption par le conseil de gouvernement marocain du projet de loi n°31/13 relatif au droit d’accès

World health day: challenging healthcare corruption around the world

To mark World Health Day on 7 April, we share stories of people standing up to healthcare corruption around the world.

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What can donors do to fight petty corruption in recipient countries?

Moroccan honoured for taking on health corruption

Abdelaziz Adnane has won Transparency International Morocco’s 2013 Integrity Award for tackling health corruption head-on.

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Kamal’s* anxiety increased with the heat of the day. His 11-year-old daughter had injured her head and urgently needed medical attention. He faced a heavy dilemma: pay an illegal backhander, or risk the health of his child.

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