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Transparency International Strategy 2015

Looking ahead, we know that corruption and its pernicious effects are resilient. We are nonetheless committed to working with a sense of urgency and purpose to ensure that concrete, tangible and irreversible gains are made by 2015.

For over 20 years, we have worked hard to place and maintain corruption high on the political and business agenda. In that time we have established a strong reputation for measuring and fighting corruption. We have raised awareness of the devastating effects of corruption and worked with governments, business leaders, local communities and other civil society organisations to fight against it.

Today the Transparency International movement includes more than 100 independent national chapters and partners around the world, which take action in support of our mission “to stop corruption and promote transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels and across all sectors of society”.

In 2010, we developed a five-year strategy which sets out a number of important directions for the movement. The six strategic priorities we have identified are:

  • People: “Increased empowerment of people and partners around the world to take action against corruption”. The challenge is to engage with people more widely than ever before – for ultimately, only people can stop corruption.
  • Institutions: “Improved implementation of anti-corruption programmes in leading institutions, businesses and the international financial system.” The challenge is to ensure that commitments to stop corruption are translated into actions, enforcement and results.
  • Laws: “More effective enforcement of laws and standards around the world and reduced impunity for corrupt acts”. The challenge is enforcing fair legal frameworks, ensuring there is no impunity for corruption.
  • Values: “Higher levels of integrity demonstrated by organisations and people, especially youth and those in leadership positions around the world”. The challenge is to secure greater commitment to integrity by both current and future generations in all aspects of public and business life.
  • Network: “Strengthened ability to work together”. We seek to expand the knowledge base of our diverse Movement, so that we can promote ever more effective anti-corruption solutions which have a real impact on people’s lives.
  • Impact: “Enhance responsiveness, presence, performance and impact at all levels”. We will strengthen the individual and collective performance of all parts of our diverse movement, ensuring that we have a strong presence and anti-corruption voice nationally, regionally and globally.

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