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Cover showing people at an anti-corruption protest with one man holding a banner that says: "Lets weed out corruption"

Annual Report 2021

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An overview of Transparency International's activities in 2021.

Corruption stands in the way of women accessing land and basic services in Africa: What can be done?

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Transparency Int'l
Colourful school lockers

How Integrity Pacts turned high school students into promoters of citizen engagement in public contracting

Mahmoud Farag
Mahmoud Farag
raised fist with a background of a blurred crowd

Time to speak up for anti-corruption activists – defenders of human rights

Photo of Mary Lawlor, she is looking away from the camera
Mary Lawlor
People crossing the street, conceptual representation of facial recognition

Algorithms in public administration: How do we ensure they serve the common good, not abuses of power?

Headshot of Matthew Jenkins, Research Manager at Transparency International
Matthew Jenkins


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