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Transparency International wins Triple Bottom Line Investing Award

Award highlights that fighting corruption is an integral part of socially responsible business

Transparency International (TI) has won the 2003 Triple Bottom Line Investing (TBLI) Award, presented by Brooklyn Bridge, an organisation that promotes socially responsible investing. TI, the world's leading non-governmental organisation fighting corruption, was recognised for its work in identifying and highlighting corruption as a threat to sustainable business activity and as an important criterion to be understood by institutional investors acting as socially responsible investors.

"Transparency International identified corruption as a disease with many victims in a world that was filled with lip service," said Gert van Maanen, a former director of Oikocredit and the chairman of the five-member jury, on presenting the award.

The prize was awarded to Transparency International at the TBLI 2003 conference on 6 November in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Brooklyn Bridge, the organiser of the annual TBLI conference, works to institutionalise triple bottom line investing and sustainable development within the business community. The TBLI Award, which carries a value of €5,000, is presented annually to an organisation whose efforts further the cause of sustainable investment - in particular, in the economic, environmental, and social areas.

"The Award highlights that fighting corruption is an integral part of socially responsible business," said TI Board member Jermyn Brooks, who attended the TBLI 2003 conference and received the prize on behalf of Transparency International.

The other nominees for the TBLI 2003 award were Prof S. Prakash Sethi from the International Center for Corporate Accountability and Shorebank. For more information about the TBLI Award, see:

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