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Transparency International launches Integrity Awards

“Prize to acknowledge courage and determination of anti-corruption fighters”

As the largest ever global anti-corruption conference comes to a close, Transparency International announces the creation of a new Integrity Award.

The numerous efforts and initiatives presented throughout the Conference have shown the extent of the undertakings in the anti-corruption field. Transparency International feels the time has come to reward some of the individuals and organisations who are spearheading them.

A newly-established Awards Committee set up by the Board of Directors of Transparency International will be issuing calls for nominations shortly. It is expected that the first group of award recipients will be selected early in the year 2000. These will be chosen among deserving individuals such as journalists, activists, public administrators or organisations that have furthered the cause of transparency and good governance.

"In certain countries, the fight against corruption is being waged at very high personal risk. We want to acknowledge the courage and determination of those who carry on in spite of very difficult circumstances," said Peter Eigen, Chairman of Transparency International, the global anti-corruption NGO.

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