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Transparency International elects new directors from Argentina, Colombia, Kenya and Nepal

TI Chairman Peter Eigen re-elected for three years

In the first contested election for membership of the Board of Directors of Transparency International, the anti-corruption organisation's annual meeting elected new directors from Africa, Asia and Latin America and re-elected its current Chairman, Prof. Dr. Peter Eigen.

TI has 77 National Chapters and the six year old not-for-profit organisation is seeing, and encouraging, a rapid rise in participation in its governance by members of its National Chapters. There were four Board seats open for election following the retirement of members at the end of their three-year terms. There were six members standing for election. The elected new members to the Board are:

  • Maria Eugenia Estenssoro from Argentina who is active in TI's large chapter Poder Ciudadano in her own country and who is a leading journalist and activist in civil society organisations;
  • John Githongo, a founder of TI's organisation in his home country of Kenya. He is a prominent investigative journalist, commentator and the Director of the African Strategic Research Institute;
  • Rosa Inés Espina Robledo, the co-founder and Executive Director of Transparencia Colombia (TICOL). She has been an advisor and consultant to numerous civil society and international organisations engaged in education, family and other social issues;
  • Devendra Raj Panday, the President of the Nepali chapter of TI, a participant in TI's inauguration meeting in 1993 and the founding member and a past Vice President of the Human Rights Organisation of Nepal. Dr. Panday is a former Minister of Finance and Finance Secretary of the Kingdom of Nepal.

Retiring from the TI Board are Laurence Cockcroft of the United Kingdom, Valeria Merion Dirani of Ecuador, Oby Ezekwezili of Nigeria, while former Vice Chairman Kamal Hossain has left the TI Board to become Chairman of TI's Advisory Council.

The annual meeting elected the Board's Executive in an uncontested ballot. Re-elected were TI Chairman Prof. Dr. Peter Eigen of Germany, Frank Vogl of the United States, while Tunku Abdul Aziz of Malaysia was also elected a Vice Chairman by the full meeting after having been appointed by the Board to this post a few months ago.

Contuining on the TI Board are Ibrahim Seushi of Tanzania, Fritz Heimann of the United States, Peter Rooke of Australia, Adam Tertak of Hungary and Michael Wiehen of Germany.

The TI Board of Directors further elected Virginia Tsouderos of Greece and George Moody-Stuart of the United Kingdom and Hugette Labelle of Canada to the TI Advisory Council.

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