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TISL urges for unity to rebuild Sri Lanka

At this time of grief, Sri Lanka needs to strongly stand up for an unprecedented rebuilding and reconstruction effort. Shedding political, racial, religious differences is vital for such a massive effort. TISL believes that strong commitments for reconciliation indicated by all parties and individuals needs to be implemented with strong will to recover the nation at the earliest. We strongly urge the following:

  • A national strategy on relief distribution and reconstruction should be planned and implemented with the participation of all sectors and the effort should be properly coordinated to achieve optimum benefits to the victims and affected areas. Government should immediately ensure participation of opposition politicians in its efforts and governmental efforts should not be limited to the politicians in the government.
  • All communities, religious groups, politicians and leaders of Sri Lanka need to unite with the utmost responsibility and commitment to rebuild the country, while all organisations and individuals must contribute to make the reconstruction possible.
  • LTTE and Government should cooperate in all relief operations and reconstruction efforts in the North and East without any short-term political agendas. Government should ensure equal distribution of relief aid in all parts of the country.
  • The Government, LTTE and political parties should welcome and facilitate without any obstruction whatsoever distribution of relief items received from international community, all religious groups, non governmental organisations and individuals. Normal restrictions imposed by LTTE, including restriction on free movement in the North and East, should be immediately lifted to permit this humanitarian effort.
  • The public should continue with their commitment and responsibility to support reconstruction and distribution of relief while cooperating with authorities to maintain law and order.

In view of past global and Sri Lankan experience, TISL strongly feels that corruption will raise its ugly head at all stages of relief operations unless all possible measures are taken immediately by the government to prevent all forms of corruption, including misappropriations and frauds. TISL urges government and the public to be aware of the possible large scale corruption in reconstruction efforts, which will lead to unbearable and additional burden on Sri Lanka, unless prevented at initial stages with a clear political determination.

J.C. Weliamuna
Executive Director

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