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TI extends its condolences to the victims of the tsunami tragedy

It is essential that all aid raised for disaster relief reaches the tsunami victims. TI calls for governments to conduct reconstruction efforts as transparently as possible to prevent waste and further suffering

Transparency International Secretariat joins its national chapters in South Asia and South East Asia, and throughout the world, in extending our condolences and solidarity to all who have suffered from the recent tragedy of the tsunamis in the Indian Ocean.

TI Indonesia is very involved in the emergency operation undertaken by the Coalition of Indonesian NGOs for Humanitarian Operation in Aceh, including establishing a management system for operations in the western coast of Aceh. Most managers of TI Indonesia have been seconded to support the emergency operations.

TI Sri Lanka has issued a call for politicians, both government and opposition, and all Sri Lanka’s communities to unite together around a “national strategy on relief distribution and reconstruction to be planned and implemented with the participation of all sectors, and the effort should be properly co-ordinated to achieve optimum benefits to the victims and affected areas”. It has offered the President of Sri Lanka its assistance in efforts to ensure transparency and accountability.

The affiliate of TI India, Lok Sevak Sangh, is organising relief camps at various places in India. Towards these efforts, it has used its own funds as well as donations from various volunteers and institutions. Its volunteers are already in the affected areas to assist needy victims.

TI strongly urges international organisations, governments and relief organisations in all the affected countries to join forces to ensure that all possible measures are taken so that vital life-saving aid, in the form of food, clothing, clean water and medical supplies, reaches those who need it. In particular, TI urges governments to prevent all forms of corruption, misappropriation and theft of aid supplies and funds intended to support disaster victims.

TI calls upon everyone to ensure that the money raised to support victims of the disaster does reach them – and that all governments and organisations involved in the relief effort conduct operations in a transparent and accountable manner. Unfortunately, the experience with similar emergency relief in the past shows that great care is needed in this respect.

In the vital reconstruction work that lies ahead, TI urges the governments and international donor organisations to pledge to take all possible measures to avoid corruption. Without a prompt decision to introduce transparent tendering for reconstruction, large amounts of money will be wasted and the burden already falling on the people of Sri Lanka, Indonesia, as well as the parts of India and Thailand severely affected by the tsunamis, will continue unnecessarily.

TI offers its sincere sympathies to all the victims and their families.

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