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Statement on accusations against TI Brazil

Transparency International condemns and categorically rejects the unfounded accusations made today against its Brazilian Chapter, Transparência Internacional Brasil, by Brazilian Supreme Court judge, Gilmar Mendes.

Patricia Moreira, Managing Director of Transparency International, said, "This extraordinary attack, relating to TI Brazil's work in regards to the high-profile Lavo Jato corruption case, is wholly inaccurate and Transparency International fully supports its chapter at this time.”

"It is perhaps no coincidence that these accusations come only a week after Transparência Internacional Brasil published a damning report that sheds light on the many recent setbacks to Brazil’s anti-corruption legal and institutional framework. We call upon the Brazilian authorities to end these attacks on civil society and to end impunity for the corrupt."

Recent decisions of individual Supreme Court judges are specifically emphasized in the report. Issues highlighted include a Supreme Court judge’s injunction that virtually paralyzed Brazil’s anti-money laundering system, an illegal inquiry also conducted by the Supreme Court that is secretly investigating law enforcement agents, and the growing political interference in anti-corruption institutions.

The report also includes recommendations to international organizations and Brazilian institutions on how to reverse these setbacks.

The full report can be read here: Brazil – Setbacks in the anti-corruption legal and institutional frameworks.

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