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Press Release: TI-Forum Reopened

Nota Bene: The service announced in this Press Release is no longer active.

Free service will enable worldwide discussion of issues related to TI and the problem of corruption.

The TI-Forum, a service first envisioned and placed into operation at Kabissa Communications by Tobias Eigen in 1993, has now been reopened at the University of Goettingen after a four-month lull. The TI-Forum uses electronic mail to permit Internet users to asynchronously communicate with one another as a group to discuss issues related to TI and the global problem of corruption.

TI is grateful to the new TI-Forum moderator, Johann Graf Lambsdorff, author of the Internet Corruption Index, who has taken on the job of maintaining the list of participants as well as keeping the conversations lively and on-topic.

How it works

Contributions, or posts, to the TI-Forum discussion group are sent to a 'robot' e-mail address which automatically distributes copies to a list of interested participants. A discussion is formed when posts are followed up using the e-mail reply function. Careful use of the e-mail 'quote text' function reminds other readers of the conversation thread being followed up while not overwhelming them with tedious extraneous information.

How to join

TI-Forum is a free service. You can join by sending the command "sub ti" in the body of an e-mail message to

Alternatively, click here to subscribe via an interactive form at the University of Goettingen

Upon receiving your message, the e-mail robot will automatically send you a welcome message containing important information that you are advised to keep.

Quitting the Service

You can remove yourself from the distribution list at any time by sending a message to the same address used to subscribe,, with the command "unsub ti" in the body of your message.


For more information contact the TI-Forum moderator, Johann Graf Lambsdorff.

For any press enquiries please contact

In Germany
Prof. Dr. Peter Eigen, Chairman
Mr. Jeremy Pope, Managing Director
tel. + (49 30) 343 8200
fax + (49 30) 3470 3912