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New Mexican chapter of anti-corruption organisation

Transparencia Mexicana brings together broad coalition

With the signing of the agreement between Transparencia Mexicana and Transparency International, Transparencia Mexicana today became the newest chapter in formation of Transparency International anti-corruption network at a time when bribery issues are widely seen in Mexico as among the gravest threats to the country's evolving democracy and to its economic growth.

Federico Reyes Heroles, is the first chairman of the Mexcian organisation. He is a writer and political commentator and founding director of the magazine Este País. He noted that: "In the run-up to next year's presidential elections, Transparencia Mexicana will contribute to strengthen the fight against corruption by suggesting concrete measures and policies to all presidential candidates. It is Transparencia Mexicana´s intention to promote an agreement among them on a series of actions that would be effective, noticeable, and can be used by any Federal Government, independent of its ideological or political origins."

Transparency International, the Berlin based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to curbing corruption, now has 70 National Chapters around the world. Transparency International's founder and chairman Peter Eigen was in Mexico for the signing of the agreement and for a meeting with Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo. Dr. Eigen said: "The Mexican chapter has been formed by a coalition of dedicated leading individuals. They recognise that only by mobilising civil society, involving individuals and organisations of many different particular interests, can corruption be reduced in Mexico."

The coalition that has been formed in the new chapter involves representatives from civil society, as well as business and government. In addition to Federico Reyes Heroles, the board of directors of Transparencia Mexicana includes Sergio Aguayo Quezada, professor at El Colegio de México and human rights advocate, Cecilia Loria, from Causa Ciudadana, a civic rights movement, Manuel Arango, entrepreneur, Ulises Schmill, former president of the Supreme Court, Luis Rubio, political analyst, Sergio Garcia Ramirez, former General Attorney, Bernardo Sepulveda, former Minister of Foreign Relations among others.

Transparencia Mexicana's initial programmes will focus on civic education and awareness- raising, while it will also seek to establish regional anti-corruption groups. TI has an increasing number of National Chapters across Latin America, which together with the new Transparencia Mexicana and TI chapters in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, will also be undertaking joint international initiatives with priority on the development of the convention against corruption of the Organisation of American States.

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