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“Courageous corruption fighter wins Nigerian election,” says Transparency International

Obasanjo faces daunting task in trying to bring down corruption levels

"The victory of Olusegun Obasanjo, a courageous and highly-principled anti-corruption fighter, on winning what has clearly been a difficult and fraught election, bodes well for the future of all Nigerians", said Dr Peter Eigen, Chairman of the world-wide anti-corruption movement Transparency International.

"Olusegun Obasanjo has dedicated much of his life - and has physically risked his life - in the cause of human rights and democratic government. He will soon take the helm of Africa's most populous nation and if he can establish honesty in public service in Nigeria, then it will be an accomplishment with beneficial consequences for all of Africa. His efforts in the weeks and months ahead deserve the greatest goodwill of the international community," Dr Eigen continued.

"The international community must make every effort to support and encourage Obasanjo to first consolidate broad public support for his leadership and then to move ahead to introduce transparent and effective government. Its pillars must be rule of law, an independent judiciary, an honest police, freedom of information," Eigen said.

General Obasanjo has dedicated himself to curbing corruption and was a key figure at TI's inaugural conference in May, 1993 where he stated: "Young people now have as their role models the leaders who have made money as a result of corruption. Corruption destroys the future of our society."

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