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Cambodia’s Coalition for Transparency speaks out for strong anti-corruption legislation

In ten point position paper, the Coalition details recommendations for robust legal framework to fight corruption

The Coalition for Transparency - Cambodia (CTC), a network of representatives from all sectors of society that advocates for measures to build transparency and fight corruption, called this Tuesday for a more effective national anti-corruption legislation (LAC). The Centre for Social Development, Transparency International's national chapter in Cambodia, serves as the Coalition's Secretariat.

In the form of a position paper, the Coalition made concrete suggestions for an effective LAC, a topic which is to soon be tabled at the National Assembly. Consisting of ten points, the paper stipulated that the LAC should incorporate the principles of the UN Convention against Corruption. According to the CTC, this means new legislation must include provisions on political corruption, procurement and contracting, civil society participation, access to information and whistleblower protection. The Coalition also made clear recommendations for the establishment of an Independent Commission against Corruption, including suggestions for member selection and funding.

Speaking today from the Transparency International Secretariat in Berlin, Germany, Peter Rooke, Asia Pacific Director, commented that, "the [CTC] position paper sends a clear message that civil society has a vested interest in an effective anti-corruption legislation. The document provides constructive suggestions to help make such laws a reality."

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