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Anti-Corruption NGO deplores lack of transparency in World Cup decision

Call on FIFA for wholesale review of procedures

The Berlin-based international anti-corruption NGO, Transparency International, today (Friday) has deplored the lack of transparency in many aspects of the bidding process for the 2006 World Cup venue. "We campaign world- wide for open, transparent and fair procurement processes," said TI's Chairman, Dr Peter Eigen. "And when these processes are hidden away in secrecy, they will always lack credibility with the public, however fair and honest they may in fact be."

"It is unfortunate that an outstanding and entirely positive event such as the football championship is tarnished by mutual allegations of malpractice and unfair distortions of the decision-making process," Eigen added. He said he was not suggesting that malpractice had actually taken place. Simply that those who were disappointed by the outcome would always assume the worst.

Transparency International called on FIFA to undertaken a wholesale review of its procedures, along the lines of that conducted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Transparency International was involved in these efforts to make the IOC more transparent and accountable. "We should not have to wait until there are proven scandals before preventive action is taken," Eigen concluded.

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