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AMAN in cooperation with Birzeit University Announces the Introduction of an Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability University Course

AMAN in cooperation with Birzeit University had announced the introduction of an integrity, transparency, and accountability university course to be offered in the beginning of the next academic year.

The course is one of the outcomes of the Anti-Corruption Training Program which is implemented by AMAN in partnership with CHF International.

As part of the program activities, AMAN had conducted a training seminar on June 24 and 25, 2007 in the presence of 15 university professors form West Bank Universities. The first day of the training was led by Mr. Fredrick Galtung, Director of Tiri Office in Jerusalem. Mr. Gultung presented cases of countries that were tarnished by corruption and suggested ways for combating it. Additionally, he presented a video that showed corruption in the health sector in South Africa. He also explained the reasons for the spread of corruption in the different social sectors. He then asked the trainees to speak of corruption cases they are aware of in which the people responsible for corruption passed unpunished.

The second day of the training was offered by Dr. Azmi Shuaibi, AMAN’s General Coordinator and Dr. Ahmad Abu Dayeh, Professor at Al-Quds University. It focused on the Palestinian political system and context and its impact on the spread of corruption. The training also focused on the elements of the national integrity system and what is required on the national, regional, and international levels in order to set up such a system.

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