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Renewing of negotiations with the EU and the fight against corruption

Organization Transparency – Serbia considers that renewing of negotiations on joining the EU should be used for more efficient fight against corruption. There is no doubt that during next few years success and comprehensiveness in discovering and punishing of corruption as well as implementing regulations which serve to prevent corruption will be one of most important segments of reform success evaluation.

So far experience teaches us that success in fight against corruption can’t be measured only by number of adopted laws nor by number of actions that police conducted against organized criminal groups. As long as the cases, in which existing laws aren’t implemented, in which decisions of anticorruption institutions are annulled and in which actors of affairs are not unveiled completely, are as numerous as they are now, our real progress will be slow.

Considering that Serbia doesn’t fulfill even basic conditions from Plan for Implementation of Priorities Contained in the European Partnership, we can hardly expect that this year’s report of European Commission considering fight against corruption will be promising. Having in mind that work on curbing corruption is not only current priority but also long-term investment, we have to be aware that what everyone, and above all Parliament and Government, perform today can bring effects in future.

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