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Dr. Richard Leakey acts as Interim Chair

Transparency International-Kenya has established a transitional Steering Committee (SC) under the interim chairmanship of Dr. Richard Leakey. The team, whose formation is underway, is mandated to oversee the organisation during its transition process and assist in the execution of the chapter’s strategic focus.

Other confirmed members of the team include Mr. Robert Shaw, Ms. Betty Maina and Mr. Isaac Awuondo. Pheroze Nowrojee is acting as advisor on the transitional process. Mr. Albert Tucker, a technical advisor on consultancy from the International Secretariat in Berlin, will also provide assistance to the SC and the Secretariat. This process is strongly supported by the caretaker board comprising Joe Kadhi, James Gitao and Ahmed Abdallah.

The SC, established in consultation with the international secretariat and TI Kenya’s development partners, will also supervise the competitive recruitment of a new Executive Director to complement the current management team running the day to day activities of the chapter.

“TI-Kenya has a critical role to play in our country and I have every confidence that with the secretariat and the members of the new Steering Committee, we can make an impact that will be felt in the fight against corruption. We need to address mega-corruption, political corruption and especially petty corruption or TKK that all Kenyans, especially the poor, have to deal with daily,” said Dr. Leakey.

The team’s establishment follows the successful completion of a review by the International Secretariat in Berlin indicating that due procedure was followed in the management of governance issues surrounding the chapter. The TI Secretariat, which receives the fullest support from the international secretariat in its day to day operations, has continued to run its programming activities including an electoral campaign launched last week with an sms ‘sheng’ campaign aimed at encouraging youth voter registration.

“We have completed the review process and maintain the fullest confidence in the TI-Kenya secretariat, which has been the backbone of the organisation and has maintained its programmatic execution through these challenges. This is now about looking forward and ensuring that the chapter is empowered to continue with its high standard of work particularly in this critical election year,” says Tucker.

The SC looks forward to fighting against corruption in Kenya through a strengthened and active chapter in the run-up to the December general elections.

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