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Transparency Palestine Initiates a Capacity Building Program for Professional Associations on Enhancing Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability

Transparency Palestine had organized a training workshop on enhancing integrity, transparency, and accountability in the work of Professional Associations. The workshop targeted 23 trainees form the Palestinian Engineers Association.

The training was divided in three sessions. The first focused on building values of integrity and systems of transparency as means for combating corruption. The second focused on professional standards and ethics required in the work of Professional Associations particularly in the preparation of budgets. And the final session focused on the importance of developing a good and accurate reporting system within unions as a means for ensuring transparency.

Participants in the workshop stressed the importance of laying down laws and legislations that help in curbing corruption. They also stressed the importance of raising the public’s awareness towards the damages caused by corruption though enhancing integrity values and promoting systems of transparency and accountability.

This training is the first in a series of training workshops to be implemented by Transparency Palestine to target active Professional Associations in Palestine. Transparency Palestine seeks to build an efficient cooperation scheme and good collaboration with these unions in developing systems of transparency and accountability and promoting values of integrity within the Palestinian society as a means for combating corruption.

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