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International Anti-Corruption Conference urges Chile to honour Peru’s extradition request

The 12th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC), meeting in Guatemala City, today urged Chile to demonstrate its commitment to integrity and accept Peru’s extradition request of former Peruvian President, Alberto Fujimori.

Participants in the IACC expressed their collective will in the form of a motion adopted at a plenary assembly.

“In speaking out today, the IACC has shown that it is a conference of action,” said the Honourable Justice Barry O’Keefe, Chairman of the IACC Council. “Chile must take advantage of this opportunity to protect its international credibility, which could be severely damaged if the extradition does not proceed quickly.”

The Conference made it clear that it expects prompt action, as Peru has sought to return Fujimori to Peruvian soil for many years. Extensive evidence justifies the international community’s insistence that Chile ensure that Fujimori answer the serious allegations of corruption and human rights violations leveled against him. Fujimori must be extradited to Peru as quickly as due process allows, so that justice may be served.

“Fujimori’s extradition will send an unequivocal signal that politicians will be held accountable for their actions,” O’Keefe said.

The biennial International Anti-Corruption Conference is the premiere global anti-corruption event. It is being held in Guatemala City from 15 to 18 November 2006, with more than one thousand participants from over 100 countries.

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