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Statement by TI Chair Huguette Labelle on Mo Ibrahim’s Good Governance Award

Courageous leadership and innovative thinking are essential to Africa’s future. Without them, corruption will continue to eat away at the opportunity of millions to improve their lives.

Mo Ibrahim has set a fine example with his remarkable initiative to encourage good governance through more effective leadership. His call for zero tolerance of corruption, coupled with his willingness to back his call with a practical plan and his own resources, will encourage leaders to take constructive action. He is to be congratulated.


Transparency International is the civil society organisation leading the global fight against corruption.

Note to Editors:

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation has been established as an African-based project to recognise good leadership among 48 sub-Saharan African countries. The annual Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership will award a former head of state or government with a US$5 million prize.

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