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Transparency International’s work made a world of difference in 2005

Annual Report 2005 highlights achievements

Transparency International (TI) played a vital role in changing the way national governments, international organisations, businesses and citizens relate to and act on corruption around the world. TI’s Annual Report 2005 shows that everywhere, people are becoming more aware of the dangers and devastation of corrupt and unethical behaviour, and they are increasingly less tolerant.

The prevalence of corruption stories in the media in 2005, such as the United Nations Oil for Food Programme, the Anglo-leasing scandal in Kenya, allegations of high-level corruption in major German corporations and political financing investigations in Brazil, Canada and the United States, demonstrates the increased importance of taking action against corruption. TI’s Annual Report 2005 lists the year’s major corruption stories, demonstrating that countries all over the world were affected by corruption in 2005.

TI’s achievements in tackling corruption are also highlighted. An increase in awareness of the devastating effects of corruption has also encouraged determination from players at all levels to address it. The United Nations Convention against Corruption entered into force, providing a basis for international cooperation and a strong tool to aid in the recovery of looted assets. International institutions such as the World Bank and the Organisation of American States made tackling corruption a higher priority. Business became more aware of the need to fight corruption.

The anti-corruption movement is growing. The Annual Report 2005 not only captures this growth but identifies remaining challenges.

“Shining the light on corruption practices raises new challenges in determining how to defeat them. Corruption is becoming more sophisticated, more insidious and interconnected,” said Huguette Labelle, Chair of Transparency International. “Despite real gains made by governments, the private sector, international institutions and other organisations, there is still too much talk and not enough action.”

Facing these challenges, in 2005 TI served as a partner to help make processes transparent, increase good governance and implement existing anti-corruption instruments. TI’s measurement tools, research and recommendations helped to clarify the problem and chart the way forward. Approximately 100 TI chapters around the world worked with their governments to achieve reforms to improve transparency and good governance. Programmes such as Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres worked directly with citizens to fight corruption on an individual level.

The fight against corruption is entering a new era of prevention, effective implementation and monitoring of the anti-corruption laws and conventions the TI movement has fought so hard to achieve.

The Transparency International Annual Report 2005 is available online here.

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