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Statement by the international Board of Directors on recent developments in TI Kenya

The Transparency International global movement is built on respect for good governance, accountability and integrity.

The Kenya chapter of Transparency International has done outstanding work in promoting and advancing the fight against corruption in Kenya and has, in this context, a key role to play in the country’s future. Recent allegations of conflicts of interest within the chapter – should they prove true – contradict these basic principles.

At the request of TI’s international board of directors, the board’s Ethics and Membership Accreditation Committees will review the situation in TI Kenya and recommend actions.

To that end, the board has commissioned a fact-finding mission to gather the facts from all parties, including TI Kenya, to propose solutions to the international board and to contribute to the ongoing development of a sound anti-corruption effort in Kenya.

TI is committed to achieving a swift, firm and decisive resolution to this matter.


Transparency International is the civil society organisation leading the global fight against corruption.

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