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12th International Anti-Corruption Conference to take place in Guatemala in November 2006

Why is corruption still blocking the way towards a fairer world?

The 12th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) will take place in Guatemala City and Antigua, Guatemala, on 15 - 18 November 2006, with the gracious support of the Guatemalan government. The conference theme is, “Towards a fairer world: Why is corruption still blocking the way?” The meeting offers the opportunity for an honest and rigorous examination of the continuing obstacle posed by endemic corruption around the world.

After nearly two decades of research, advocacy and reform, why does corruption continue to be such a huge problem? With billions of people still mired in poverty, the promises of many new governments unfulfilled and anti-corruption campaigns yet to materialise, it is time to ask some serious and probing questions. There is an urgent need to reflect and regroup, to look beyond traditional coalitions, to find new voices and new faces, to energise the anti-corruption fight, because justice and the welfare of the global community depends on its success.

Since its inception in 1983, the biennial IACC has become the premier global forum for the networking and cross-fertilisation that is indispensable for effective global and national advocacy and action. Government officials, civil society and business people meet to exchange information and ideas about the fight against corruption, assess existing strategies and develop new approaches. Transparency International, which serves as secretariat to the IACC Council, is working with its national chapter in the country, Acción Ciudadana and the government of Guatemala to prepare the conference.
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