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#MyHandsAreClean … are yours?

The call to action is a simple one: take a photo of your hand, post it on Twitter using the hashtag #MyHandsAreClean and nominate your friends and colleagues to do the same. This is how our partner in South Africa Corruption Watch is promoting its theme for this year, which calls on all citizens to publicly take a stand against corruption and commit to taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Lend your hand to this campaign here.

Since launching the campaign in February, hand photos have been tweeted by the Transparency International movement around the world – from Cambodia to Croatia, France to Pakistan and Peru to Tunisia – as well as by friends from other organisations like Accountability Lab, Amnesty International and Global Integrity.

In South Africa, journalists, activists, NGOs, celebrities and DJs have all raised their hands and tweeted their photos, and the campaign’s been widely reported in the media. South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs has tweeted its contributions too, encouraging the public to report any official who demands a bribe.

The #MyHandsAreClean launch coincided with the release of Corruption Watch’s 2014 annual report, which found that corruption is on the rise in the country, and that schools, traffic and licensing, immigration and housing are the sectors hardest hit. You can read the full report here.

Voices of young South Africans

As part of the #MyHandsAreClean drive, Corruption Watch is running a youth campaign to encourage young people to find innovative ways of fighting corruption and hold their leaders to account.

A Corruption Watch survey of 6 000 young people aged 14 to 34 has shown that 84 per cent of South African youth are concerned about corruption.

To tackle this, Corruption Watch is speaking to young leaders – drawn from universities, colleges, business, schools and community-based organisations – to find out about how corruption affects them and brainstorm possible solutions. This core group will become the face of the youth campaign to mobilise young people around the country.


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