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Transparency International U.S.
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Washington, DC

Corruption Perceptions Index

Scoring 180 countries around the world, the Corruption Perceptions Index is the leading global indicator of public sector corruption.

United States has a score of 69 this year, with a change of 0 since last year, meaning it ranks 24 out of 180 countries.

Find out about key corruption issues in United States in CPI 2023: Trouble at the top

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United States

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An illustration showing a laundry machine which blends into a mansion with a businessperson pocketing the money next to it, and a detective following the trail of money coming out of the laundry machine

CPI 2023: Trouble at the top

News •

Top-scoring countries on the CPI have long fuelled transnational corruption. It's time they embrace change.

A composite illustration showing the world map with dirty money hotspots highlighted; various elements include: a yacht, public official hiding his identity, a banker leaning against a washing machine, a mansion and an activist

CPI 2022: Trouble at the top

News •

While 2022 has seen some progress, advanced economies are still not pulling their weight in the fight against cross-border corruption.

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