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    The drought industry

    In the arid northeast of Brazil, delays in the construction of water pipelines create lucrative markets for a few while leaving many without access to water. Read how locals are mobilising to challenge this 'drought industry'. Read more

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    Informed, empowered

    In rural India, a farmer fears he'll lose his land when local officials try to extort money from him in exchange for a land title. But our chapter is on hand to help explain his rights. Read more

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    Drug deal

    While examining public spending on healthcare in Kosovo, our local chapter uncovers an alarming 15,000 per cent increase in the costs of a basic medicine. See what happened next. Read more

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    The price of justice

    A shopkeeper in Yemen arrives at his store to find it's been burgled. When he goes to the police, they demand a bribe even to receive his report. Read how our chapter is pushing back against police bribery. Read more    عربي