Our Anti-Corruption Award recognises the courage and determination of the many individuals and organisations fighting corruption around the world.

Join us in giving these deserving individuals due recognition for their determination and bravery.


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About the Anti-Corruption Award

Launched in 2000 as the Integrity Award, and renamed in 2016, the Anti-Corruption Award honours remarkable individuals and organisations worldwide, including journalists, public prosecutors, government officials and civil society leaders.

Winners are a source of inspiration to the anti-corruption movement because their actions echo a common message: that corruption can be challenged.

The Anti-Corruption Award may be conferred to a person (or an organisation) discharging official or professional duties as well as to an activist(s) from all walks of life.

The Anti-Corruption Award Committee, the body responsible for evaluating nominations and choosing winners, may choose up to two award recipients. In making these awards, the Committee will take into consideration the need to recognise efforts in diverse fields of civil society, the private sector and government and to acknowledge anti-corruption initiatives throughout the world.

The Award consists of a trophy and participation in a public award ceremony during the 19th edition of the International Anti-Corruption Conference to take place fromto take place from the 2nd – 5th June 2020 in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

The Anti-Corruption Award may, in some cases, have a profound impact, as the recognition may contribute to social, political and economic developments in the countries to which they relate. Therefore, in selecting Anti-Corruption Award recipients, the Anti-Corruption Award Committee follows a clear evaluation process honouring the right of participation and equal opportunity while ensuring diversity. In considering nominations, the Anti-Corruption Award Committee also looks for geographical and occupational balance.

You can read the TORs of the Anti-Corruption Award Committee here and the Anti-Corruption Award Guidelines here.

See past winners here

Winners of the 2018 Anti-Corruption Award

Transparency International proudly announces that the late Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia and Spanish whistleblower and campaigner Ana Garrido Ramos have been selected as winners of the 2018 Anti-Corruption Award. The awards were presented at a ceremony at the 18th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in Copenhagen, Denmark on 22 October 2018. 

See our full press realease here

Watch the videos about the 2018 winners: 

Shortlisted candidates for the 2018 Anti-Corruption Award

The four shortlisted candidates were selected from 169 nominated individuals and institutions. More than 1,000 nominations were received, mostly from members of the public.

The Anti-Corruption Award Committee

Samuel Kimeu (TI Board member and Chair of Anti-Corruption Award Committee)

Samuel Kimeu (TI Board member and Chair of Anti-Corruption Award Committee)

Samuel Kimeu is a lawyer and a human rights activist who has served as executive director of TI Kenya since 2010, contributed to governance provisions in the constitution of Kenya and worked on various Kenyan anti-corruption laws.
Tatiana Bazzichelli

Tatiana Bazzichelli

Tatiana Bazzichelli is the founder and director of the Disruption Network Lab. Prior to being a jury member for the Berlin Capital Cultural Fund, she was curator of the 'transmediale' festival. She holds a PhD in Information and Media Studies.
Matthew Caruana Galizia

Matthew Caruana Galizia

Matthew runs the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation, dedicated to achieving justice for his mother, the investigative journalist who was assassinated in a car bomb attack in Malta in 2017. He has worked on several global investigations with ICIJ.
Sally Hayden

Sally Hayden

Sally Hayden is an award-winning journalist and photographer currently focused on migration, conflict and humanitarian crises. She has a law degree and a MSc in International Politics.
Karen Hussmann (TI Board member)

Karen Hussmann (TI Board member)

Karen Hussmann is a governance and anti-corruption expert who worked at the TI Secretariat for nine years and has been an individual TI member since 2012. She was elected to the TI board in 2017.


Linda Ofori-Kwafo is the Executive Director of the Ghana Integrity Inititative, TI's national chapter in Ghana. She has 18 years of experience in development and anti-corruption and was elected to the TI board in 2019.
David Ondráčka (TI Board member)

David Ondráčka (TI Board member)

David Ondracka is the Director of TI Czech Republic and is an international consultant with a degree in politics and economics on anti-corruption legislation, policy design and governance in the field of public investments and procurement reforms.



Call for nominations opens

Participate in the 2020 Anti-Corruption Award!

MAR 16

Deadline for nominations

At Midnight (CET) the call for nominations closes

APR 2020

Review & Selection

The Anti-Corruption Award Committee reviews the nominations and prepares a shortlist.

JUN 2-5

Award Winner(s) announced

We announce the shortlisted nominees and the winner(s) at the 2020 Anti-Corruption Award ceremony during the
19th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Selection Criteria

The Committee will use the following criteria to assess eligible nominations:



Nominees must meet the following requirements:

Nominations for posthumous awards can be considered by the Committee only in truly exceptional cases.

Ineligible Nominees

The following categories of nominees will not be considered for the Anti-Corruption Award:





Nominations are open!

Please read the Anti-Corruption Award guidelines carefully before submitting your nomination and have a look at past winners here.

If you have any questions, please email anticorruptionawards@transparency.org

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