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Global Corruption Report: Climate Change

The Global Corruption Report is the first comprehensive publication of its kind to explore the corruption risks related to tackling climate change. ...

Global Corruption Report published – Jun 2011

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Stopping corruption to stop poverty

As world leaders meet this week to discuss the 2030 sustainable development goals, tackling corruption must be a top priority.

Fight for justice in land of fires: ‘keeping silent doesn’t help’

Michele Liguori fought tirelessly to expose those behind illegal toxic waste dumping. It's his wish we keep speaking out.

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Curbing illicit financial flows to unlock a sustainable future

Achieving the sustainable development goals and countering climate change will require considerably more resources than what public finances alone ...

Working paper published – Jul 2015

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Protecting climate finance: An anti-corruption assessment of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility

Protecting Climate Finance: An Anti-Corruption Assessment of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility is the last in a series of reports by ...

Report published – Jul 2014